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    Meet our Winners

    The winners of the St. Louis Startup Challenge represent some of the best and brightest up-and-coming startups in the St. Louis region. Each company exemplifies the merging of a great business plan with excellent execution. They are innovative, imaginative and in taking the challenge, they have proven themselves worthy of recognition.

    Congratulations to the winners of the 2010-2014 Startup Challenge!

    2014 Winners

    1st Place
     Nanopore Diagnostics

    2nd Place

    3rd Place

    Nanopore Diagnostics is developing a point-of-care, 30-minute test for diagnosing bacterial infections and informing physicians of the proper antibiotic treatment.

    Zymplr has developed a new helmet liner that reduces linear and rotational forces by more than 40 percent, leading to reduced risk of concussion.

    Immunophotonics has developed a therapeutic cancer vaccine for the treatment of metastic cancers.

    Bright Future Award - Minority
    Better Weekdays

    Bright Future Award - Female

    Bright Future Award - Veteran
    Blue Line Security

    Bright Future Award - Immigrant


    2013 WINNERS:

    1st Place

    Juristat, Startup Challenge winner

    2nd Place
    Young Inventions

    Young Innovators, Startup Challenge Winner

    3rd Place
    Observable Networks

    Observable Networks, Startup Challenge Winner

    Juristat has developed a game-changing data analytic tool which transforms raw court records into actionable analytics, enabling litigators to optimize litigation and marketing strategies. 

    Young Inventions designed the first-of-its-kind kitchen appliance, Sinek System, which dispenses cold, fresh draft beer; allowing consumers to enjoy craft brews in their own homes. 

    Observable Networks is pioneering a new approach to IT security, providing unprecedented visibility into the behavior of all network devices in real time.

    2012 WINNERS:

    1st Place


    2nd Place
    iler Brands


    3rd Place


    MediBeacon is an optical diagnostic company, introducing the Optical Renal Function Monitor as its first product platform. This system is focused on real-time, accurate, cost-effective, easy-to-use, and safe monitoring of kidney function. iler Brands is a designer and manufacturer of a new line of sporting good products under the name GameDay Scoreboards. Its product line will be marketed to millions of youths playing sports such as basketball, baseball, softball, soccer and lacrosse. RETECTIX is a medical device company producing a line of implantable, nanofabricated surgical meshes that offer superior reliability, faster wound healing and improved clinical outcomes for surgeons and health care providers.

    2011 WINNERS:

    1st Place
    Pulse Therapeutics, Inc.


    2nd Place
    The Mission Center, L3C

    Mission Center

    3rd Place
    Pada Medical Products


    Pulse Therapeutics has developed a breakthrough medical device for the treatment of severe clot conditions in stroke victims, increasing the effectiveness of the clot busting drug, tPA, and accelerating the dissolution of the clot. The Mission Center improves the efficiency and effectiveness of nonprofits by maximizing economies of scale in accounting and human resource management. The Mission Center increases the capacity of organizations to achieve their missions. Pada Medical Products is developing a device that promotes the quick recovery from non-healing wounds. The compact and portable device delivers a continuous flow of concentrated oxygen to the wound.


    2010 WINNERS:

    1st Place
    Mobius Therapeutics LLC


    2nd Place
    Climb So iLL, Inc.


    3rd Place
    Mindfull Games


    Mobius Therapeutics, received FDA approval for its sterile kit for use in ophthalmic surgery. The kit provides convenience and improves shelf life, precise dosing, assured sterility, simplicity, and quality assurance. Climb So iLL is an urban destination, promoting health and fitness through a unique indoor rock climbing experience. The facility includes climbing terrain for a range of skill levels. Mindfull Games develops games that address educational needs in literacy and language arts, rehabilitative needs in stroke and head injury, and brain fitness for older adults.
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